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tv   ABC World News  ABC  February 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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n tre aac ie sue t. oracancyhe corvativ ofcot. wthe urthisl icolllow psident obama replac sliand w at l ca lr , tccc, al outith a sayihahe amecanple ldpeak i t nex el, thahet esenldone tt s reac to jce,e'llee ixpte'll hrom tidt tot, ande' ifnd toorh anoti bu cellu,tl ou battlahea th antrdsena. w b t has reacg o ts on e ng seiv e o tupme
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e talargumeustice ou slo toimt think his legacy i to orr: well is oat could fea intheartsin oreheurt, riresons. could be funn in was i thcouray mri de, f amace cisi botf those decis weninstscal wasn the disst in bo cas. a he a thoseque c hul etng qun at wrtouru laug.allynie f i inent ocotional wl adg and qting singio a h r ngim jorl w ghn the endealbo apns n w t emurowre
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paong a decisihelectio year that? he to one forwar aec s,mane ou be a totause a ort romhet, ce, o, he ar u ton johanko mu. >>w,t' g o t wt talbotreeaert n moin. m tast. trend a ddly traffi le sno s ientrpennia, ensf teon m teait. do o pplred.40hoitthirli c'ilngrom lvanon>>ept seemed tme ouof nhere, di ssivpileup
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wes lanepter: mlvugthfierthe. e wasutdi e t go wou rrs lvia hiwa tayrive offgua. nded bo ereasplop lay t.ndas nderactraietwe tcttrle d jusct >> rorens laliof ths l fihoth
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ste g pple stay off the roads d tveto alute mbehi tyoat s parf a froha aoringgrcc c t m toth rona t ke utetr s,.theetde t tyhe abcth the danger>> m bid, t. dli? izing.>>te morthan million opleeari hillteeres. ti acrs thnoas cling lu poce rinto get the hole offhetreenerkcofecoeandhictdito40ow ups an wrefind
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eing fery,heakoufrr. r:ven l caraw dy'shescesunllanziers. thes r: uge iser ireuth inin le 15 minutu ar elbuin in, in>> aeren tole t wag rub an at ccause amage.and rm waturanern? s teketeip s t .ret icaburs souav p eeze, souee ee tow to ut >>eporr:nd to ti tprev tho s eeng? exs y kththmon e constuand deho ld bnificial peoplin y de
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ca. t th be ohafi c's mary ig orr:ig, eseach t. aceo on debate stage d ouwhere gets his money.orump pd enin>>s osertoti nas and nastand thet perl, they ggly. >>orter: it'alread pret ugl wi onema winach,ruz p arclobring each otr toakthe ird nt ump ng n lev, threeng to sue eeti tedz doest ean up, stoping and tive ads, dio r nobeing born. uz prigh.>> toran atle nyone nlrdy ma, taclus . n it ge cl s pitia aayplr s
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that bk am eskn. wsct win >> rteen m r ll to ts nd, avref dism mance at lasde. governo kasich,hoping to ride t ng t rs fng o. r hi,ernor, h you?ts alk a f iof libete sateg >> l whe i or , ife reatd rdesand, sisotbout, lim goiny some . t 't ndever care ton h lottorolina is r ing reanomso, ilump uk cr e,heth caid wl tryg brkh, r oo nsvatipprsm? mary, thank u.
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vio co stayh jteg. y aka stop to f cialis forailyseisroth erectile and thary sympto kengeqlyy ht oredic css, aisltr x isu keathe p de pna rton t cadrn d su dorink a in sssi ets m incheh, muscle lury, meca right anreio t oue ecreorosin, aeracak dilphtou a 00dy no branches eq great res. s ct.kind of ke vl ttinaway.
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lo az!n presthru>> bith un midwitpe ll-k bran rrier aircond the annt from bossff boos andulgar lanagall cauttapeingia ndes heen ab hs.workss heang sth ofthboer. aon clane t clne on. oractoryondition pltnhe no eded l ell. a mel ,40 bse ico. t bt test ompetiotec biness ng loerm pctio
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aneyxi epteot ofke postfa ma vd and an tin to i'm just tive. orter: theitions joininghetung exo fromhe.sexicve 2 an f border.ameraner sshe diissa a notecdgi20 readr tyese j s0 phat g we? rep ofnditreenin t carri od. dhe loc govnmt say i wi rinhedi rnbcew yo> d whee bamoontonit's binne, of s courttice scal.
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ith .frusyoivr dior?t ha t sfect treats leaking, gointoo n, e strong sudne to go. ur urof boton alm dder d ce youilyakagodesot to winserisyalerdoorigway
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do ca yourlan o e a ary tr n,uti.sideff mayncde alicctns jeiosi pn, fagu u inuratandiictyyioublr.tedoou or mule orvndns, cas udin m to, antiatets bloo ners, may crea thek ofio deff ask a ogspeciastifotoxelcaour adder.vibotoom anlearhow x be aost opti (burkers, seen we knalmost g ol ar)hi/deson asngtrucon
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lk tfas. thi twoaue se otw e e farm buma-dum,bubum-bu tour lativwh tx ury ck malaxsesofttonbat soe ind r tivei take pictuunrises, but wiba pai
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then fou ale ev ithe o to coe feep pe ouinie stf e. m ba. alam welcba wert ixi aopfr iff'fu o thnd xident.thporest talthicofs est. ateetihshop urghe mi say
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pri> back her at oe agai ttime iliound ut aft tw suspecitest flu atta law ementssry iceant wereen tospital uerstant, areo make it. > now, to a frac manholr crld or wk. shwakita nooron itorbne. authitiearveatw, a dperaom r mot cinntos lda thol drama pngn ra thomnd her tor, helpss inde. the stanrsho dven theow pis a hs. teet ecloseldedo sa. w. >>d,uned special veselv to
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an tkia a thismiel treli paid t jom furt.s ra helreh r moredoorharaoran yrs hu worad t aela icouof fl coribu. raer youtoignfection including berculosis. serious, sal inctndance inly ve hap as havood, lnd nesystembl rioualrgeact d orse hefa bereatntette t te yr ct iyovetore whceaifu inctns c oue tb pas ro iniou-li to or s. n'armiu afectn. talko yo docr ansira.iss humit rk. yoatement not e cl buat tro p wep idyour tire so wveti jeytakeyore. ca or your advisorowpric
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enda xor s gredies. berertint,iroctorhey , or sisr, ul p k orla pemanmethe rtaimeditis,ges dt, or csheofody ea side effe siadheard zzes aer now i am gba ask theido about onailyda and leabt trial r y're diesst iexcingon gcea s rbeaclintoelmizelos. ta aad u oku, il odngig athy eatman eye ci kp by i vehe nsmathfellno brahes g rates's a fa. f ociadia uals antcial.
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goet you denni>>mo n ongh eangnews prcotus inawis a re ixas. stht aintered ts afrnn lags lero ha s osi the s cour les g bac t abc rlnt ppso s hsturt. relm, h th st'sative on, its conbaast nexp wld re app ave hrdherepuan t nas blican arened, i sh up to theext
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blann , isha ima how you cou ve a confirmatn i the final ye ofsi oba's esid.>>nojo iurre ste o poli i the acal wai uiltecha d tre pu adraonhe whioeo nssusce s gein approd b the way politicss rut now wainon? rorter: well te t nhatcaawa actyrm 98 me,noede who wthatetoted fo m.dnedyot m. viasy ertti scali was n- n k hims e see henure the court. gihatt is to a aress is l. rn we see pre courtices,ou
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haaut wl a b n m i est,maols chge ithna >>ll riha rl, ank u mh f ypo let's in ier n. jowo ci. anrr ywti scia pse o c ve talkos t s >> rte ,tart ringrtbouthene me o t c. hgowas.'s pooover jusceoninliachar plhinkboitine hehad, t i o c textualism. that t cstuteahaeahen the foundersrote ndthe means,congresshe thendpproved them.
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couny, tbut mn histy,fis acevemtsasis r go vusin 20. >>epte h w unic wt altroveiadesi aorth l it ohestionsn prcohiy.ha wa clr-cut ca. a was o ctrol e theyeing those ballots. heys, fridians rightere welcome challen. th kind of he l goo tabou t part,or his scatng pr,n,it gif fdship on tco an wn, d. as ll dat c t for o hut ou fis
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th crviv ce up wh meho i asdona, at could ge crm. try mor joingsromecoityonhthe hs opfrci tr,of inch htiecse issis. wenkouor yepti andousitto te 'lha men tpainnce
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conservoic. haed. isep l inipteinion im ioeawas al kwnore innc tsntin o leear..." th italian-erican to on the 'sgh ju anscia but al gregsc w raised elmhurst new york citchild a sicilianor pr an ol- acher erey stild e priocha ve wor and te "iasomhat a
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i studi rrdwa ud a atthol s in tyal re i ben olgeanso t ainren urn mchywh lared d hani ildrenh. s ubt eme covasm d th n of publans anes an ultelyedthe 50r-old fedee toe hi in 1986: he dea res a relile nservative. and his n style lp lin the blic face : "sjuesincluding ho had been on court for a kinda: if the new ask all these qutig tep up k some qutions to abortion, the death penalty, rmate tion, gats--a hed early-- th mo m left-lean benchmat "i tg togeodto sanop ird enwoulus reba ua. as chth w o rale ni, ti ei ima ws. d os sstseld him hone a creative se sa often uestak it, mierli. he oe rro "junr y ngre he e pe st s.ff t crag cove wrot s crea we tribe. b controy o: aunngtr witvice prident chen at e


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